Obituary Deadlines

We must receive an obituary and successful prepayment no later than 3:30 pm the day before you want it to publish in the paper. Deadline is 3:30 pm for the following day's edition.

Obituary Pricing

We publish two different types of notices in the paper every day. The first type of notice is a death notice, cost is $25 and includes the deceased's name, age, date of death, and funeral or burial arrangements. The second type of notice is a paid obituary. Obituaries vary in both length and cost. They may also include a photo of the deceased. To publish an obituary in our paper, we charge a $165.00-$175.00 setup fee (depending on the length of the obituary) and then $0.50 per word. A photo is an additional $25.00. Veterans may add a free flag icon. Military branch service icons are also available upon request for an additional charge.


We also offer an in-memoriam, which is for a remembrance or anniversary of a deceased loved one. It may not be used as a substitute for the obituary. Cost is a $25 set-up fee plus $2.19 per line.